Hello everyone!

The first thing I want to explain is why the new post took so long to be published. By the time of the year in which we are, it might seem that I was on holidays. Nothing further from the truth: I’ve been working on giving the web a push.

Keeping on my way of self-demand, I decided to get into a new mess and I plan to publish also in English and German. Yes, my friends: what I like a challenge! I decided to ignore the voices in my head that remind me how difficult is to write in another language and the work that will imply, and I decided to begin the Part II of this adventure: BLOG MULTILINGUAL.

This idea came inspired by the new edition of Summer School 2016, here in Hanover. This summer school is conducted by the ALLIURIS group, more than 300 lawyers worldwide that create synergies between law firms that are member of the group ( to contribute to the training of their junior lawyers. Every year the Summer School is in a different place of the globe and this edition has been in Hanover, Germany. This time I had the great pleasure to be part of the team of 20 young lawyers from New York, Sao Paolo, Monaco, Istanbul, Brussels, Paris, Barcelona, London, Russia and China. Together we talked about Data Protection, Digital Economy and also about the challenges that we, lawyers and our potential clients, will face in this new era of digitization.

Personally, I had the pleasure of being the speaker in two of the subjects: Protection of Trade Secrets under the European Directive 2016/943 and Social Media Marketing for Lawyers. Of course, in my presentation about Social Media, I explained my experience with my blog and my website and I emphasized how important is to be creative. If we see what is up to come we can realized that no one guarantees us that many of our tasks are not going to be replaced in the future by robots, but one of the things that robots cannot do is being creative: art is genuine of the human race and we must find ways not to lose our way of living and our passion.

After my presentation, many participants approached me insisting in the idea of writing also  in their own languages, and that is why I decided to start. We will see what comes out!

So I thought about the better way to do it and I had two ideas:

  1. I could translate all posts to the three languages and make a monthly publication instead of one every week.
  2. Or make a post about a different topic in each language.

I opted for number two. The reason is that I think that those posts were made in Spanish, the thoughts and ideas were in one language and is very tricky to make a good translation, because the language is something alive, and there is no translation of some expressions and meanings. That’s why I want to think in one language and write in this language, to ensure the quality of the post.

If you are interested in any of the posts in your language, let me know in the comments and I will translate it.

Yours sincerely


Una abogada en Alemania

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