The beginning of a new adventure

In the technological era and considering that the so-called “Industry 4.0” is already a fact that will affect all of us in our day by day work, young people of my generation (and especially in my home country, the beautiful Spain) are forced to renew their self or die. This is my intention with this blog, an adventure I am very excited about and with which I have only one thing clear: I’m going to learn!


My intention is that this little corner entertains you and perhaps also we will be able to learn something together. The topics I will write about are basically three:


  1. Law: its practice and theory.
  2. My experience in the cold Germany (cold only concerning the weather, you’ll see)
  3. Films and literature: my other passions.


These are topics on which I am passionate and that motivate me to write.

I only ask for your patience (most of all concerning grammar 🙂 ) and in exchange I will put tenacity and dedication.


A lawyer in Germany.

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